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Braswell Group™ – The Agency

The Braswell Group is an innovative and forward-thinking consulting agency that specializes in navigating the seas of corporate community engagement. With a dynamic approach centered around SHIPS Framework™

We guide organizations towards transformative strategies. Our compass is diversity and inclusivity, enabling businesses to forge authentic connections-relationships, form enduring partnerships, learn about each other through scholarship, provide meaningful sponsorships, and take ownership of their role in fostering a sense of belonging. We empower clients to sail towards a destination where all stakeholders thrive within a community ecosystem united by shared respect, acceptance, and protection.

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Allie's specialty is identifying challenges to high-performance and productivity, and then working proactively to develop and implement solutions that produce tangible results in collapsed time frames.

Benefits of Leveraging Braswell Group™

The benefits that corporate organizations can expect to gain by utilizing the diverse range of consulting services offered by The Braswell Group are listed below.

Cultural Assessment and Strategy:

Enhanced Cultural Awareness, Tailored Strategies, Transparency and Accountability

Capacity Building and Training:

Inclusive Leadership, Culturally Competent Teams, Empathy and Communication

Community Engagement and Collaboration:

Stronger Community Connections, Reputation Enhancement, Sustainable Impact

Leadership Development and Coaching

Leveraging the Maxwell Leadership Method of Coaching, Communication, Leadership, Speaking, and Impact Reports

Diversity and Inclusion Integration:

Supplier Diversity and Economic Empowerment, Talent Attraction and Retention, Inclusive Products and Services

Overall Organizational Impact:

Positive Work Environment, Innovation and Creativity, Business Growth, Strengthen Community Ties

Our Clients


How Our Corporate Consulting Transformed Businesses

Allie Braswell is a rare beacon of hope and a force to be reckoned with, who possesses an uncanny ability to forge profound connections that transcend the superficial. His mastery in cultivating relationships both fruitful and authentic has left a trail of success in his wake.

Simon T Bailey DBA, CSP, CPAE Motivational Speaker & Author

Allie is a thought leader and important voice for diversity, inclusion and culture both professionally and personally. In the time he has been at VyStar, he has transformed the organization by implementing policies and initiatives which have built a stronger and more inclusive company.

Susan Song SVP, Brand & Growth Marketing VyStar Credit Union

Allie Braswell inspires a vision where every organization reflects the rich tapestry of its community. His commitment to fostering inclusive excellence transcends boundaries, guiding us toward a future where diversity is not just celebrated, but ingrained in the very fabric of leadership and success."

Renée Sattiewhite President/CEO, AACUC

I had the privilege of being on The Voyage of Empowerment with Allie where he presented on DEI. Allie wove his personal story through his presentation making it engaging and interesting. His dedication to promoting inclusion is clear. There is never a time that DEI is not in the forefront.

Mariah Edgington TEDx Speaker On Neurodivergence
Teacher Giving Presentation To High School Class In Front Of Screen

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