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NAMMBA & The Braswell Group Forge Strategic Partnership to Foster Inclusive Work Environments

[Orlando, Florida, March 4, 2024] – NAMMBA (National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America) and The Braswell Group proudly announce a strategic partnership

aimed at championing inclusivity and fostering supportive work environments in today’s increasingly diverse landscape.

In a statement from Allie Braswell, Founder & CEO of The Braswell Group, he emphasizes the pressing need for collaboration amidst a divisive narrative:

“With today’s divisive narrative, organizations are in need of partners coming together to assist them with navigating the challenges in attracting, recruiting, and retaining talented team members as they serve clients/customers from all backgrounds. Through this partnership, The Braswell Group and NAMMBA will be that innovative guide to help teams build environments where the clients and employees feel respected, appreciated, and valued.”

The collaboration between NAMMBA, a leading advocate for diversity and inclusion in the mortgage banking industry, and The Braswell Group, renowned for its expertise in talent acquisition and organizational development, heralds a new era of synergy and support. Together, they will empower organizations to create workplaces that not only attract top talent but also cultivate an atmosphere of respect, appreciation, and value

for all individuals.

“This partnership represents a significant step forward in our shared mission to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across industries,” said Tony Thompson, CEO of NAMMBA. “By joining forces with The Braswell Group, we can provide comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by organizations striving to build inclusive cultures.”

Through joint initiatives, educational resources, and specialized consulting services, NAMMBA and The Braswell Group are committed to equipping businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly diverse marketplace.

About The Braswell Group

The Braswell Group is a leading consulting firm specializing in talent acquisition, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness. With a commitment to fostering inclusive cultures, The Braswell Group partners with organizations to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent, driving innovation and sustainable growth. Learn more at

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Allie Braswell Jr

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NAMMBA is a national trade association dedicated to the enrichment and betterment of minorities and women who work in the mortgage banking industry. NAMMBA is setting new standards for equality and opportunity in the mortgage industry by empowering individuals and organizations to embrace diversity as a competitive advantage. Learn more at

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